Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Field boot vs. Dress Boot?

So you're excited you have your either making your costume or getting it commissioned. In the meantime you look at all the accessories that are just as important as the uniform itself.

The boots.
While Star Wars officers wouldn't mount on a horse and gallop away theoretically he could. His attire would allow him to charge into battle on horse, tauntaum, or whatever charger he may have to ride.

So you type in riding boots in google.

It brings you to a mirage of useful and useless websites. You click on a few links.


What does this all mean?

Field Boots avoid!

Generally field boots are for hunter riders. Hunters is a discipline where the horses are jumping natural brush looking fences the rider could encounter if they were to go fox hunting. It has evolved over the years and taken on its own essence. But that’s the general idea.
Field Boots always have laces. For this reason you need to just scratch all these boots out of your shopping list.

Dress Boots or Dressage Boots?

For Imperial Officers these are the boots you should shop for. When I was shopping for my boots recently I really never knew there was a difference between a dress boot and a dressage boot. I found out, there really is none. Some may say that dressage boot is stiffer in the shaft, but some companies just use the terms interchangeably. The boots to the left is an example of a Dehner dress boot. I have these.

next topic: We'll start with the Expensive first.

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